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Fire Emblem Tiki

Lernt das Tiki-amiibo kennen und erfahrt, wie ihr es in euren Spielen nutzen könnt! Schau dir unsere Auswahl an tiki fire emblem an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke zu​. Nintendo amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki im LIDL Online-Shop kaufen. Ihre Vorteile: 90 Tage Rückgaberecht ✓ Schneller Versand ✓ Flexibler Ratenkauf.

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In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rettete er Tiki, die von bösen Schergen manipuliert wurde, und stellte sie unter seinen Schutz. © Nintendo / INTELLIGENT. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Nintendo Amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki D bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

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Fire Emblem Awakening - Aversa \u0026 Tiki Hot-Spring Scramble Conversations

The significant flexibility granted by it should not be underestimated. Children's Day A. However, her unique C-slot skill is geared for solo fighting, with stronger effects but trickier activation requirements. Aether Alternate: Bonfire. The Quick Riposte Secret.De Kosten is important to ensure that Tiki can double against even the fastest enemies, as her Speed is not high enough to be able to keep up with them. Boons +DEF: Typically the best option for Tiki, as it capitalizes on her strong Defense and turns her into an excellent physical wall. +ATK: Not ideal for tank setups due to being counterproductive with Aether’s healing, but incredibly potent for budget or damage-focused sets. +RES: With a +RES boon, Tiki is capable of running a solid mixed tank set for maximum coverage. 6/19/ · Tiki is a Manekete that is the boss of chapter players must embark on a quest to destroy the resurrected dark dragon Medeus in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Genres:Strategy. Tiki and Ninian can leverage the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal to an incredibly potent extent for rapidfire Special activations but given that this is a highly coveted seal, Email updates for Fire Emblem Heroes. Sign-up for other newsletters here. Popular Pages Today. 1 . Warenkorb Es sind Dxracer Website Artikel vorhanden. Über dieses Produkt Produktkennzeichnungen Marke. Dann Barcelona Real jedes mal einer der drei Drachen des Schreins, Xane, Gotoh und Bantu, sie füttern oder beruhigen, damit sie wieder einschlafen konnte. EUR ,00 Neu Gebraucht. During this time, Tiki befriended Marth, eventually becoming very close to him. She no longer has to worry about getting Geeister Kaiserschmarrn by raw damage from a unit like Fallen Robin M without having to resort to a mixed tank setup. Manakete Bonus: Odd Rhythm Wyrmsbane Slow Burn. I checked. Aerobatics 1. When Chrom of Ylisse arrived in Valm Fire Emblem Tiki engage Walhart in a war, his army was guided by Say'ri to the Mila Tree, where they freed Tiki and gained her support for their opposition to Walhart. Recruitment: SpotPasshire her for 14, G or defeat her in a skirmish. In her infancy, she was sealed asleep by Naga before her death to prevent her from degenerating along with the rest of the dragonkin. Melon Crusher. Breath of Fog grants Tiki a significant boost in combat effectiveness - not only does it secure Chances Abbotsford matchups against Bekemeier LГјbbecke majority of dragons, but the healing and bonus Attack and Defense from Dog Deutsch near sword or dragon allies push her to new levels of power.

Level 40 Stat Variations Weapon. IV Sets Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible. Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.

Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature. Minimizing her Speed can help her in many cases, as it allows her to charge Specials quicker.

Skill Sets. Divine Vanguard Defensive Nuke Build by. Steady Flame Defensive Tank Build by. Introduction With the introduction of weapon refinery, dragons are now universally an incredibly potent force.

Strong bulk Regardless of whether she runs with a physical tank or mixed tank set, Tiki is an excellent defensive unit that can be tenaciously difficult to take out.

Infantry One of the few perks of being infantry is having access to Infantry Pulse and Infantry Rush - this allows Tiki to alter sections of her builds, such as replacing Quickened Pulse or running higher cooldown Specials.

Heavy investment for optimal While Tiki has great budget build options, the fact remains that her optimal setups are very high investment; Aether and Steady Breath can be very difficult to come by.

Tiki Adult build by ImmaRussianSpy Tiki Adult build by JohnnyBlaze Tiki Adult build by ChillPill Tiki Adult build by Master NaCl Fire Breath Only inheritable by Dragon units.

Weapon Evolution. Weapon Upgrades. If attacked, unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range. At the start of every second turn, restores 10 HP.

Fire Emblem: Awakening. Latest Content. Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible. Warning: This wiki contains spoilers.

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Elections open: Xamad and Thecornerman for Patroller. Princess of the Naga, the divine dragon clan. She is under the control of the evil sorcerer, Gharnef.

A young Divine Dragon once put into a timeless sleep to keep her dragon impulses in check. Now longs for human company. Known as the Voice of the Divine Dragon.

Has lived for ages. Once friends with Marth. As a Manakete, she has the ability to take on the form of a dragon using her dragonstone. Although she looks young, she is over 1, years old.

Tiki attacks exclusively in dragon form, unleashing extremely powerful attacks using light magic or her wings. Do not be fooled by her human form--she is strong!

In her infancy, she was sealed asleep by Naga before her death to prevent her from degenerating along with the rest of the dragonkin.

She was later awakened by the fire dragon Bantu , who travelled the world with her, and during this time she befriended and allied with the Hero-King Marth.

Tiki was born some time after the conclusion of Naga's war against the earth dragons , years prior to the foundation of the Kingdom of Archanea.

In , as one of her last acts prior to her "death", Naga placed Tiki in the Ice Dragon Temple in the continent's far north, putting her into a deep sleep in a bid to prevent her from suffering the same inevitable degeneration as all other dragons.

At some point in the intervening years, Bantu came to the Ice Dragon Temple, took pity on her for her perpetual sleep and imprisonment, and so awoke her and took her into his own care.

Initially the two remained at the temple, until Bantu one day took her on a journey to visit a human village, after which the two continued travelling the rest of the world together.

During this time, Tiki was frequently plagued by nightmares in which she also degenerated and attacked humans. Bantu and Tiki travelled together until some time into the War of Shadows , in which the two were separated.

Tiki was abducted by Gharnef and taken to the Fane of Raman , where he hypnotized her into his service and tasked her with guarding the Fane from intruders.

The two were reunited with the arrival of Marth 's army at the Fane, seeking the Starsphere and Lightsphere ; Bantu, who had been travelling with Marth in a bid to find her, freed Tiki from her hypnosis and took her back into his care, and the two fought together in the remainder of the war.

During this time, Tiki befriended Marth, eventually becoming very close to him. In the war's aftermath, she briefly resumed travelling with Bantu until Gotoh intervened.

Gotoh returned her to the Ice Dragon Temple and placed her once more into a deep sleep, knowing she could not be allowed to be awake with the Binding Shield incomplete.

Three years later, during the War of Heroes , Gotoh allowed Tiki to awaken once Marth gathered all twelve shards of the Starsphere , given Marth's intent on collecting the other missing orbs and restoring the Shield.

Following Medeus's death and the war's end, Tiki and Bantu set out to visit the village she first visited, [5] then came to live with Marth at the Archanean capital following his unification of the continent.

At some point worship of Naga became the primary faith of the land, and Tiki became revered by the people of Valm as an oracle to Naga, known as the "Voice of the Divine Dragon".

During the rise of Walhart and his reunification of Valm into an empire, Tiki was taken prisoner by Walhart's army and confined to her temple atop the Mila Tree, under heavy guard.

When Chrom of Ylisse arrived in Valm to engage Walhart in a war, his army was guided by Say'ri to the Mila Tree, where they freed Tiki and gained her support for their opposition to Walhart.

Shortly afterward, Tiki travelled to Naga's Cradle in the Divine Dragon Grounds, seeking to perform a rite to draw Naga's power from the land and gain the power to join Chrom's army in fighting Walhart.

Once the Risen were defeated and the rite completed, Tiki joined Chrom's army until the end of the war, at which point she returned to Valm.

Tiki is a playable character, initially acting as the boss of Chapter Tiki is again a playable character.

She can only be recruited if Marth's party has obtained all twelve shards of the Starsphere prior to approaching the top-middle corridor in Chapter 14; otherwise, the room in which she is recruited is not opened.

Her death is one of two conditions to access Chapter 24x and recruit Nagi , along with losing or failing to obtain Falchion.

Tiki's Divinestone gives her a colossal 67 attack power against enemy Manaketes, allowing her to easily one-shot the many Manaketes in the final two chapters.

She has very low base Speed, and the endgame Manaketes are extremely fast, meaning she will get follow-up attacked at first.

Fire Dragons will 2HKO her, and while Mage Dragons do only a small amount of damage, her low HP can leave her vulnerable if she engages too many at once.

She gains EXP very quickly, and she has some of the highest growths in the game, so her HP and offensive stats will skyrocket. Since she already OHKOs all Manaketes, the main tangible benefit this has is improving her hit rate, because her base hit rate is high but not perfect, and missing against a Fire Dragon will likely get her killed by the counterattack.

She is one of the few characters who can deal heavy damage to Medeus, but since her Speed cap is only 24 when counting the Divinestone boost, she gets doubled by Medeus on higher difficulties.

If the Divinestone bonuses would cause Tiki's Defense or Resistance to exceed 30, they will stop at Her Defense base and Resistance growth are too low for this to ever matter under normal circumstances, however.

Tiki is playable, this time as an adult, and has an entire paralogue devoted to her recruitment. She must survive the paralogue in order to be successfully recruited.

In addition to adult Tiki's in-game role, the younger form of Tiki is playable as a SpotPass character, released in the Shadow Dragon character set.

There is a unique item named for Tiki available through the Barracks or event tiles : Tiki's Tear. It is unknown whether Tiki's Tear is based on the legacy character younger Tiki or on the adult Tiki from the game's actual story; whereas most similar items are named after legacy characters, items named for Awakening -native characters Gaius and Aversa are also available via these means.

Normal Hard Lunatic. Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers. This section has been marked as a stub. Please help improve the page by adding information.

She is a Mirage who has an "Uta-loid" a parody on Vocaloid based off of her. Her Uta-loid program was a cover made by Fortuna Studios in their Mirage investigations.

Many people make songs using her Uta-loid software, the most prominent composer being " TikiIsMyWaifu ". Tiki's program brought Uta-loid into mainstream music rather than remaining a niche genre.

Tiki's profile jokingly mentions that the Uta-loid program was released five years prior the events of Tokyo Mirage Sessions on February 28th and the program's filesize is approximately 3GB.

There are six different variations of Tiki available to Heroes , five based on her younger Mystery of the Emblem incarnation and two based on her adult Awakening incarnation.

The normal young and normal adult variations are two of the characters available to be summoned by players from the game's initial launch. A summer-themed variation of adult Tiki was made available between the period of June 30, through August 1, as part of the summoning event surrounding the launch of the Ylissean Summer update, the update where this variation was added to the game; a summer variation of young Tiki was made available between the period of July 10, through August 10, as part of the summoning event surrounding the A Sketchy Summer update.

As also a flying unit, Halloween Tiki Young takes 1. Be sure to keep them out of the range of archers and leave them to other units. Heroes with Effective Skills.

Tiki - Harmonic Hope only appears as a 5 Star Hero. Unlock Potential Tier List. However, Halloween Tiki Young is a very powerful harmonized special hero whom you can only get from specific banners.

She can lead your team not only in resonant battles, but in other maps as well. Please think carefully before fodderring her off.

If you do choose to fodder her off. They do not appear in regular summons. You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like.

As a member: Get access to several features! Discussion Board. I hope they continue to release more powerful units of these kinds.

Friend Request Messa The contents we provide on this site were created personally by members of the Game8 editorial department.

We refuse the right to reuse or repost content taken without our permission such as data or images to other sites. Summer Tiki Adult.

Summer Tiki Young. Tiki Young. Legendary Tiki Young. Obtainable as a 5 only. Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl HP ATK SPD DEF RES Level 40 Stat Variations Weapon.

IV Sets Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible. Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.

Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature. Skill Sets. Illustration by me. Maybe, but as far as she was concerned there was nothing more attractive.

The ropes biting against their squirming forms as they were completely helpless to whatever she wanted to do to them.

As to where exactly this was going…well to put it simply it was the main reason as to why she was holding a dragonstone in her hand at the moment.

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Fire Emblem Tiki Tiki is another of the BST monsters, weighing in at an incredibly large stat total. She has excellent stats in almost all areas, only lacking in Resistance (and even then, only slightly). Her statline is very similar to Legendary Tiki’s, and their personal weapons are identical in function. Tiki is the first character in Fire Emblem Heroes to receive two summer-themed swimsuit variant costumes. The Adult version of Tiki received one in Summer as part of the Ylissean Summer banner, while the younger Tiki received such a variant in Summer as part of the A Sketchy Summer banner. Tiki is currently featured on sixteen cards in Fire Emblem Cipher; this count includes Tiki's child, adult, and Uta-loid incarnations. The two variations of card BHN are listed separately below due to having different single continental denotations between them; as the two have the same epithet-name combination, they are considered to be the same card by the rules of Cipher. Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile phone app developed by Intelligent Systems. The game was launched on Android and iOS devices on February 2, in territories worldwide. 1 Development Community Relationship Game Service in Belgium 2 Plot Book I Book II Book III Book IV Book V 3 Gameplay Units and Team Building Combat Modes 4 Characters 5 Chapters 6 Voice. Amongst the dragons, Tiki’s defining traits are her Speed and her balanced stats. With just a bit of investment, Tiki can boost her Speed high enough to avoid a good number of doubles, while still maintaining solid mixed bulk to maintain her survivability. The introduction of Breath of Fog gives Tiki even more options. In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon und dem Nachfolger Mystery of the Emblem ist Tiki noch ein Kind und entsprechend unschuldig und naiv. Sie freundet sich mit. Fire Emblem Awakening. Tiki - Die Stimme. Vom Krieg erschöpft kehrte Tiki zum Gelände der Wyrmgöttin zurück und schlief mehrere Tage. Danach, so heißt es. In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rettete er Tiki, die von bösen Schergen manipuliert wurde, und stellte sie unter seinen Schutz. © Nintendo / INTELLIGENT. amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

Fire Emblem Tiki Camille klar wird, Fire Emblem Tiki. - Kompatible Spiele

In Picross 3D: Round 2 dagegen kannst du durch Scannen von amiibo spezielle Aufgaben freischalten, die auf klassischen Nintendo-Charakteren basieren.



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